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About Us and our Air Source Heat Pump

Welcome to Eco Airpumps. Our extensive range of Domestic Air to Water Heat pumps, Commercial Air to water heat pumps, Goethermal Heat Pumps, Swimmming pool heaters are all designed to offer a range of heat pumps for sale which will ensure that renewable energy is efficient, reliable and affordable.

In order to guarantee quality for our customers we have invested heavily in testing facilities to continually develop our range of heat pumps. Our investment has also covered areas such as EN14511 testing and MCS approval. All Eco Airpumps are supported by full and comprehensive testing data which can ensure correct and accurate specification of all units for all year round performance and reliability.

Investment in MCS approval will allow our heat pump installers to apply for grants and funding for the cost of installation and ongoing benefits of installing an air source heat pump.

Eco Airpump heat pumps are for sale uniquely through our national distribution channels. Products are supported from factory to installation with assistance to all areas of installation, sizing and specifying.

Comprehensive warranties cover all major parts for 3 years, and full technical support and back-up provides confidence and security to both installer and household.

Our aim is to provide full and comprehensive support to all our products in order to educate and support all our installer partners and accelerate the use of the heat pump technology.

In many installations we find that multiple technologies are installed. Accordingly we are able to offer accredited products to cover a range of renewable energies.

Additional Technologies

Solar Thermal Products

Solar Thermal Products are accredited with Solar Keymark which makes them eligible for U.K. grants. All components are available up to Full systems for generating energy from evacuated tube and flat plate installations.

Photovolataic panels

Photovolataic panels (PV) are anticipated to sore in popularity due to the new Feed In Tarrifs, We offer all leading brands of panels including the Caymax range. Unique to The Solar Tube Company, the Caymax panels are both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline panels available with 25 years performance guarantees, all European standards and MCS approval. Our Full Kits division of the company is PV PRO, who specialise in providing a One Stop Shop option for PV installations.

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines are increasingly being installed to suite our climate. All our turbines are CE approved and ClearSkies listed, making them a very economical investment. The turbines are available from 300w to 20 Kw in size with a range of tower options. Full installation and performance details are available for all turbines.

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