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Solar PV Complete Kit - PV Pro


PV Pro is the simple way to order High Performance Photovoltaic kits. All components are assembled giving you the installer a single delivery. All parts come with full guarantees and warranties, and full instructions are provided. Full support is provided from order to installation.

Are all kits suitable for grants and Feed In Tarrifs?

Not all panels are suitable for feed in tarrifs. Always check that your panels have the correct accreditation in order to qualify. Similarly any inverter must have a G83 Certificate in order to qualify to sell electricity back to the grid.

What is in a PV KIT?

A PV PRO kit is everything an experienced installer should need. There are optional extras which we consider ‘one off’ purchases which we have itemised separately.

Each Kit includes: 

  • High Quality solar photovoltaic panels
  • Generation meter
  • Connecting solar cables
  • Roof mounting system which includes: Rails, End clamps, Mid clamps, Bottom clamps, Connectors, Roof anchors,  All Nuts and Bolts
  • G83/1 approved Inverter
  • AC and DC Isolation switches
  • Installation manual

PV Pro Tool Kit Optional Extras

PV Pro Tool Kit includes:

  • 2 x Spanner
  • 2 x Hex key
  • Cable crimping tool

How do I Order?

PV Pro Solar Complete kits MCS

Either email your order (info@ecoairpump.co.uk), or simply pick up the phone and call us on 08444 930099.

We supply complete MCS or non-MCS complete solar kit,  tailor made OFF GRID or ON GRID systems for Installation.

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