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Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Wind Turbines

Welcome to Eco Airpumps. Our extensive range of Domestic Air to Water Air source heat pump, Commercial Air to water heat pumps, Goethermal Heat Pump, Swimmming pool heaters are all designed to offer a range of heat pumps for sale which will ensure that renewable energy is efficient, reliable and affordable.

In order to guarantee quality for our customers we have invested heavily in testing facilities to continually develop our range of heat pumps. Our investment has also covered areas such as EN14511 testing and MCS approval. All Eco Airpumps are supported by full and comprehensive testing data which can ensure correct and accurate specification of all units for all year round performance and reliability.

Investment in MCS approval will allow our heat pump installers to apply for grants and funding for the cost of installation and ongoing benefits of installing an air source heat pump.

Eco Airpump heat pumps are for sale uniquely through our national distribution channels. Products are supported from factory to installation with assistance to all areas of installation, sizing and specifying.

Comprehensive heat pump warranties cover all major parts for 3 years, and full technical support and back-up provides confidence and security to both installer and household.

Our aim is to provide full and comprehensive support to all our products in order to educate and support all our air source heat pump installer partners and accelerate the use of the heat pump technology.

In many installations we find that multiple technologies are installed. Accordingly we are able to offer accredited products to cover a range of renewable energies.

Eco Airpump Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are continually benefitting from new technology, not only by becoming more efficient, but by becoming increasingly simple to install and operate. Many manufacturers have made the installation of their systems highly technical by not designing simplicity into their Air pumps and cylinders.

Time is money for all installers, and we recognise that simple solutions are critical to swift uncomplicated installs. Simpler installs creates competitive pricing, and with more attractive pricing, the volume of customers will increase. Therefore development on behalf of the manufacturer hand in hand with information sharing will force the renewable marketplace to expand.

Support of EcoAirpumps starts with our continual updating of the Eco Airpump website. Daily attention is paid to questions from installers and distributors, we value your opinions. Demonstrations of our units provide the opportunity to appreciate the build quality and finish of the Eco Airpump range. Our support is available through personalised or ‘on the job’ training courses, installer support for project quoting, installation problem solving and any product related issues.
Working with established cylinder manufacturers such as Gledhill cylinders provides the opportunity of ‘one stop shop’ supply. Incorporating existing experience and specific knowledge from trading partners allows us to support our installers using historical and specialist knowledge.

Maximum Air Source Temperature of 60 degrees centigrade

Typically our domestic air source heat pumps have the temperature set at a default of 58 degrees centigrade. However this can be reset up to 60 degrees centigrade  where higher temperatures are required. Reasons for targeting higher temperatures include: 

Selecting the correct Cylinder

Our range of recommended cylinders are matched to the Eco Airpump units.  The correct selection of cylinder is as important as the correct selection of heat pump. Heat Pump specific cylinders will vastly outperform even a standard solar twin coil, as they have integrated specific heat exchange which ensure that heat transfer from the Eco Airpump is maximised. We recommend a number of cylinder suppliers for standard sizes and types of cylinders, as well as manufacturers who can achieve the impossible where space is a problem, or the installation requires a bespoke cylinder.

The cylinders include the following units which are matched to our Air Source Heat Pumps:

Please refer to the Air Source Heat Pump Installation Schematics and Technical Notes for further guidance.

SOLAR PV (Photovoltaics)

Solar PV Wholesale

The Global Solar PV market has grown vastly over the last decade. In most European countries the use of Solar PV is absolutely standard. While this is not the case in the U.K., the introduction of Feed In Tariffs in 2010 is aimed at significantly boosting the uptake of renewable energies.
Our own manufacturing facility is currently one of the top ten largest manufacturers of Solar PV in the world, and manufactures exceptionally high performing panels which are both Mono (Monocrystalline) and Poly (Polycrystalline). We are currently undergoing the MCS approval process for our manufacturing facility. Extensive knowledge and support on the PV manufacture, PV performance and PV new developments of PV modules allows us to fully understand the products we distribute.
Current brands which we are able to supply who are PV MCS approved include Suntech, Yingli, Sanyo, Sharpe and Kyocera amongst many other leading PV manufacturers.

PV PRO Solar Complete PV KITS

Having supplied Solar PV Panelsboth on a wholesale basis as well as to individual installer for some time, it became evident that most installers and installation companies are now looking to access MCS solar complete PV Kits which can be supplied as a single package, and priced as a single package. By understanding the needs of PV installers and PV installations we launched the PV PRO brand which particularly looks to support those MCS installers who are looking to benefit from the new markets being opened up by new government initiatives such as the Feed in Tariffs. 

PV Pro is supported by leading PV wholesale merchants based in the U.K., who specialise in Kit specification, G83 inverter supply, and roof mounting design and supply. By bringing these components together and accessing many years of expertise we are able to offer full knowledge support to all our PV Kits.



Solar Thermal Wholesale

Eco Airpumps is part of The Solar Tube Company, who as the name suggests has direct links to some of the most established manufacturers of renewable energy in the world. The manufacturers are all fully accredited and have Solar Keymark accreditation for all their product including evaucated solar tube, solar thermal panel, solar thermal complete kits etc.. The range of products available covers all the sizes and applications required both in the U.K. and around the world. The technology includes Superconductor panels as well as full work stations and cylinders. Eco airpump and Solar tube company provide support support and allsolar thermal installation user manual and schematics are availabe to donwload.

Solar Thermal Domestic

For typical installations in the U.K., trading agreements ensure that we are able to benefit from the most experienced Solar Thermal technicians in the U.K. We have full and extensive product range available to suite every installation type from a standard hot water solar thermal installation to large commercial projects such as school swimming pools or council projects. Not only is full support available for a standard installation, but the experience and knowledge necessary to tender for large commercial and council projects.

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