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Product Warranty - Air Source Heat Pump, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, MCS

Eco Airpump Air Source Heat Pump Warranty

Eco Airpump products are tested to the highest standards by independent inspectors to cover every aspect of the manufacture and performance of the heat pumps.
Eco Airpumps have benefitted from the knowledge and experience of the finest engineers in the industry. Highly experienced development teams have enable the EcoAirpumps to rapidly deliver top technology, using the highest quality materials.
Eco Airpumps are tested and operated in a strict high-quality control line before they are distributed and delivered to the customer.
From years of manufacturing and many thousands of globally installed units, the Eco Airpump life expectancy for the U.K. is 15-20 years. The small amount of moving parts helps to contribute to long life expectancy. 

Eco Airpump - Warranty:

  • All Eco Airpump Range: 2 year manufacturer warranty on the major parts.
  • Compressor – Copeland or Hitachi Direct Manufacturer Warranty
  • Condensor, Pump and Fan. – 2 years Manufacturer Warranty
  • All other minor parts are provided with a 1 year guarantee, and all spares are carried as continual stock.

Eco Airpump – Accreditations:

  • Manufacturer UKAS ISO9001:2008, TUV CIG standard FPC inspection periodically
  • Product Accreditations:
    EN55014-1:2006 (under EEC Directive 2004/108/EC)
    EN60335-2-40:A1:2006+A11:2004+A12:2005(under EEC Directive 2006/95/EC)
    EN14511:2004-1, EN14511:2004-2, EN14511:2004-3, EN14511:2004-4
    BS EN 14511-1:2007; BS EN 14511-2:2007; BS EN 14511-3:2007; BS EN 14511-4:2007


All EcoCylinders have a 5 year manufacturer guarantee which covers the cylinder and the internal coils against any manufacturer defect. All standard parts supplied with the cylinder has a 2 year guarantee against failure. The Thermal mixing valves and the immersion heater are supplied with a standard 1 year guarantee. Warranty validation occurs only when the cylinder has been correctly installed and the warranty card has been filled in and returned to the manufacturer.

Solar PV

All modules and components are supplied with full manufacturer warranties. The warranty status depends on the specific warranty offered by the panel manufacturer. Different warranties are supplied with panels on point of order. The following is for our own brand panels.

Caymax Panels
Panels Warranty – 5 Years
Panel Performance guarantee -  10 years with maximum loss of 10% & 25 years with maximum loss of 20% on Power Rating
Panel Accreditations:

  • Manufacturer ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, GB/T28001-2001, GB/T24001-2004, TUV CIG standard FPC inspection periodically, DVE CIG standard FPC inspection periodically
  • Product Accreditations:
    EN IEC 61215:2005
    CEI EN 61215 (2006)
    TUV-Spec 93112.572.9 EN/IEC 61215:2005
    UL 1703 and Flammability Evaluation to UL 790
    ASU-PTL IEC/TC82/WG2, IEC61215
    ULC/ORD - C1703-01
    UL 1703-3rd Ed
    VDE 0126-31, VDE 0126 TEIL 30-1

Solar Thermal 

Solar thermal panels are supplied from highly experienced leading manufacturers. The products and all components have been selected based on performance, durability and quality. Full guarantees are available for all parts and components.

Solar Keymark Certification and Collector Warranty

All Barilla collectors carry the Solar Keymark Certificate, and have been tested for both durability and performance in accordance with the industry standard EN12975-2 procedure. The collectors carry a 10 year warranty, and their life expectancy is in excess of 25 years

Panel Accreditation: CE, Rohs, EN12975, CCC, Solar Keymark

For all other questions regarding to air source heat pump, please email us at info@ecoairpump.co.uk or call us now on 08444 93 00 99.

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