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Eco Airpump Partner - MCS approved Heat pump, PV & solar thermal

The successful implementation of renewable products is hugely dependent on many levels of cooperation between individuals and businesses. Gigabiz's belief is that business must always be carried out in such a way that individuals and companies are included, and not excluded, in the whole process.

As the company aim is to broaden and develop the use of renewable products, particularly in the areas of Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar PV, and Solar thermal , or commitment is to act as an Information Highway. Links between sales people and technical experts, manufacturers and installers must function in all directions, offering technical support, suggestions and comments, which culminate in action and development. Gigabiz's global strategic partner and UK domestric partner as following:

Solar PV:

CEEG (Shanghai) Solar Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
4H, Hongqiao Business Building, No.2272, Hongqiao Rd., 
Shanghai. P.R.China
Tel.: +86 21 62376999 
Fax: +86 21 62377038
E-mail: CEEG PV UK contact

Ever Solar Inverter:

Jiangsu EverSolar New Energy Co., LTD.
Building 9 No.198 Xiangyang Road
CN-215011 Suzhou P.R.China
Tel.: +86 512 6937 0565
Fax: +86 512 6937 0630
E-mail:  xueshen.li@ever-solar.com 

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