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Air to water air source, Ground source, swimming pool and loft Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pumps

The Eco Airpump units are Air to Water heat pumps. They are designed as highly efficient, simple to install ‘plug and play’ units. The wide range is sizes of the unit includes both single phase and three phase units, which typically cover most domestic requirements as well as commercial applications. The standard functions of the Eco Airpumps, is to draw free energy from the outside air and efficiently convert it into energy in the form of heat. This cheap energy is then used for  hot water only heating up to full space heating through radiators and under floor heating, as well as hot water heating.
All units are supplied with the same advanced controller which provides continual familiarity to all the range. Specific functions are available for specific units depending on the model and installation requirements, however each process is simple to install and control.
All units including Eco5, Eco7, Eco9.5, Eco13 and Eco18 air source heat pump are fully laboratory tested and accredited for both performance, build quality and manufacturing processes. Or commitment to full information freeflow is demonstrated by our providing full testing data to ensure successful specification and Installation of Eco Airpumps throughout the year, every year. Eco Airpump products are tested to the highest standards by independent inspectors to cover every aspect of the manufacture and performance of the heat pumps, full manufacturer warranty is provided.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps work in a very similar way to Air Source Heat Pumps. Drawing energy from the ground temperatures, they can often provide higher levels of performance efficiency than an Air source Heat Pump.
All units are available in Stainless Steel Chassis, or advanced performance Powder Coating, and benefit from exceptional component specification and build quality which is tested and audited by third party accredited companies. Hitachi Scroll Compressors are used to develop exceptional performance.
Drawing energy from the ground as opposed to the air (in the case of the airsource), the installation costs are generally higher for these units as they rely on coils to be laid underground where the space is available, or for bore holes to be drilled to provide the equivalent area. Manufactured in both single phase and three phase depending on the power output requirements, the Ground Source heat pump range is able to handle most domestic and commercial applications.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Eco Airpumps include a range of swimming pool heat pump. The Eco Pool range are able to heat swimming pools ranging in size from 15 m2  to 150m2. The technology behind Swimming pool heat pumps is similar to that of Air source heat pumps, and the swimming pool units benefit from exactly the same testing, audits and accreditation that the Air source heat pumps benefit from.
Critical to the swimming pool efficiency is the heat exchangers, and the Eco Pool range have extra large titanium heat exchangers generating exceptional performance.
Each unit can be provided in both Stainless Steel or performance Powder Coating, and benefit from exceptional component specification and product performance testing. The swimming pool heat pump units are extremely simple to install, and are manufactured to run off both single phase and three phase electricity supplies.

Loft Heat Pump

Genuine Loft Heat Pump units are capable of developing enough cheap energy from the air in a typical loft space to generate hot water for a domestic household. The critical factor for a successful Loft heat pump is that the unit is small enough, and has a low air flow to allow the heat in the roof space to generate enough heat. The performance of the unit must be exceptional in order to develop enough energy from the space available.
Developments in critical fans and compressors have now allowed the Loft option to be a very attractive proposition for domestic hot water only requirements.

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