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Technical Support - Eco Airpump Air Source Heat Pump

The EcoAirpump range has been developed to take advantage of all recent developments in the air source heat pump market. Extensive years of experience has benefitted the design, build quality and efficiency or the heat pumps.

Tested in the in-house laboratory, each component has been selected and integrated in order to produce simple efficient units, which are extremely simple to install and maintain.

Technical Support - Air source & Ground Source Heat Pump

Our technical support to each unit is available continually:

  • Air Source Heat Pump Product Demonstrations
  • Pre installation specification advise
  • Comprehensive Instruction manual
  • Ongoing installation advise
  • Aftersales recommendations and checks
  • Problem solving support
  • Parts servicing and replacement support.

We are committed to supporting the EcoAirpump Range from new sales and basic training to after sales support and warranty support.

Installation schematics documents are available to download from this site.

Selecting an Eco Airpump

Key to selecting an air source heat pump is the availability of full performance data. Our policy is to put in the hands of the installer full testing data for each heat pump to ensure successful heat pump installations.

Is an Eco Airpump complicated?

An Air Source Heat pump is ultimately a heat source just like any conventional boiler or heater. It is important to understand exactly how the units work, and how to extract maximum efficiency from each Eco Airpump. Once the operating functions of the heat pumps are fully understood, the skills needed to ensure successful installation is not hugely different from all heating requirements. Our technical data and installation manual will provide all the information necessary to ensure successful installations.
Technical support is available for the selecting of an Eco Airpump for any job. Call us and we will assist.

Who can I speak to?

Experienced installers are available to speak to directly at all stages of the installation process. As outlined, we are happy to support customers before, during and after installation, and our engineers will speak to you directly.
Although no two installations are ever exactly the same, the rules of physics do not bend, so we can understand your installation questions and offer accurate information.

Is Training available?

The simple answer is yes. We can offer individual training on our units, installation training, and can offer on the job installation training.
In some instances you may require training for your installers, and we are happy to discuss your requirements and support your business. Instruction on the Eco Airpumps is not complicated, more explanation and reassurance which we are happy to provide.

Technical Support – Solar Thermal

The Solar Thermal products have been extensively researched and developed. The products benefit from full accreditation from highly respected third party inspection facilities who audit and test both manufacturer and product to asses and monitor both build quality and performance of each module which is manufactured.
Solar Keymark is standard for all the module range of products which are tested for all levels of installation from domestic hot water to large swimming pool installations and commercial installs.

Not only are all modules fully tested in a range of installation environments, all the relevant components have been fully tested both individually and in a range of installation scenarios. The modules and all components are all recognised and proven products.

The level of technical support of all products comes from absolute familiarity and understanding of each component. Support is available from planning stage through installation and after sales. The Technical support is available continually.

Technical Support – Solar PV

All Solar PV panels are sourced only from the most established manufacturers in the world. All products are fully accredited for performance and factory procedures.  Products are provided with certified manufacturer guarantees and warranties on both product and performance.

Components for kits are sourced for accreditation purposed (G83 Inverters) to ensure that they are fully certified for MCS installations. All parts and roof mounting systems are supplied with comprehensive instructions.

Technical support is available for designing systems and matching components to ensure maximum efficiency. Our support is offered through MCS qualified installers, and trading partners with extensive experience of PV specification as well as high tech software support.

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