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UK accredited Air Source Heat Pump Installer

Although technologies are becoming increasingly developed to improve integration and installation simplicity, there is still a chance that the products are only as good as the person who installed them.

Approved and experienced installers are part of the Solar Tube Company support team for all technologies, and are available for installer support of our products from specification stage through installations and after sales support. Our installers install our own products continually which provides them with the ability to have continual hands on information and advise.

We would always suggest that any installer should be able to offer any household a history of successful installations, and we are happy to support this process.

Various levels of accreditation are required as a bare minimum depending on which technology is being installed. More recently it is the MCS which has become preferable, as this accreditation is a requirement for both product and installer if a Feed In Tariff, or grant is to be secured. However the MCS is also a code of conduct and quality, and therefore worth referring to even where a grant or feed in tariff is not required.

Distributors are able to help with installer recommendations, and we are happy to do so also.

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