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Air Source Heat Pump EAP range installatioin manual & schematics

Air Source Heat Pump Installation Manuals

Each units is supported by a comprehensive installation manual (available for download). The installation manuals are designed to support installers, and therefore there a certain level of plumbing and installation knowledge is presumed as with most manuals for all technologies. However we are happy to provide additional information should anything not covered be required.

Eco Airpump EAP range air source heat pump technical documents download:

Air to Water Heat Pump Installation Notes

The information provided for installers is based on the assumption that a reasonable level of basic plumbing knowledge is understood. All diagrams and installation schematics are for reference purposes, and will need to be reassessed by the installer. The installation schematics for Air Source Heat Pumps provided on the Eco Airpump Knowledgebase section are intended to offer installers with advise to complete a successful Renewable Energy Installation. There are many applications for the Air Source Heat Pumps due to the ease of installation, and flexibility of location.

Heat pumps are frequently integrated with other renewable energies and existing heat sources. The examples provided are only a sample of popular set ups. When installed sensibly, there is no doubt that Air Source Heat Pumps are capable of providing greater fuel economy than conventional boilers. 

  1. Air source Heat Pump and Solar Thermal for Hot Water
  2. Stand Alone Air Source Heat Pump for Heating and Hot Water
  3. Air Source Heat Pump for Hot Water Only
  4. Parallel Heating System with Air Source Heat Pump and back-up Boiler
  5. Swimming Pool Heating with an Air Source Heat Pump
  6. Basic Solar Installation
  7. East/West Solar Installation 

Maximum Air Source Temperature of 60 degrees centigrade

Typically our domestic air source heat pumps have the temperature set at a default of 58 degrees centigrade. However this can be reset up to 60 degrees centigrade  where higher temperatures are required. Reasons for targeting higher temperatures include:

Selecting the correct Cylinder

Our range of recommended cylinders are matched to the Eco Airpump units.  The correct selection of cylinder is as important as the correct selection of heat pump. Heat Pump specific cylinders will vastly outperform even a standard solar twin coil, as they have integrated specific heat exchange which ensure that heat transfer from the Eco Airpump is maximised. We recommend a number of cylinder suppliers for standard sizes and types of cylinders, as well as manufacturers who can achieve the impossible where space is a problem, or the installation requires a bespoke cylinder.

The cylinders include the following units which are matched to our Air Source Heat Pumps: 

Please refer to the Air Source Heat Pump Installation Schematics and Technical Notes for further guidance.

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