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Thermal Stores (Renewables) for air source heat pump

Thermal Stores (Renewables)

Gledhill Torrent 'HP' Air Source Heat Pump Range - Making the most of air source heat pump technology

The heat pump connections are 22mm compression fittings and those for the solar heat exchanger are 15mm. Also included are two 10mm dry pockets for the heat pump sensors together with a 15mm internal threaded connection to allow a dry pocket to be fitted for the cylinder thermostat.

Developing the concept

Gledhill have led the way in developing the concept of thermal stores since 1980. The latest version has been designed to get the best possible performance from a heat pump in a unit capable of being linked to other alternative energy sources such as wood burning stoves or solar thermal panels. There are numerous other possible installation options (e.g. heating taken directly from the heat pump. These are shown in detail in the installation manual).


The true significance of a thermal store in these circumstances should not be underestimated;

  • The store is safe to use with a wood burning stove.
  • Energy put into the store from whatever source can be used for both heating and hot water.
  • There is no requirement for a pressure and temperature relief valve, there is therefore no need to design safe discharge facilities into the property.
  • A thermal store can operate with less “on-peak” top up than an unvented cylinder when heat pumps are used as the main energy input.

Gledhill Torrent 'RE' Solar Range

  • To Suit Conventional & Renewable Energy Sources
    Gas / Oil Boilers, Solar, Heat Pumps, Wood Burners & Agas
  • Choice of Open Vented or Sealed Primary Heating Circuits
    Open vented allows central heating circuit to be supplied directly by store
  • 120L Combi-Preheat Thermal Store Available
    Eliminates legionella risk in solar pre-heat systems for combi boilers
  • Comes Complete with all Necessary Fittings
    Temperature gauge, blending valve, sensor pockets, immersion heater & immersion cylinder thermostat
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