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Caymax Solar Panel - A Grade Efficiency PV Panel


PV Pro offers reliable PV solar products including polycrystalline modules, monocrystalline modules, BIPV, PV tile and other PV solutions for domestic and commercial applications. PV Pro Product range allow customers design the PV application flexibility. High-performance features and superior reliability make PV Pro products the best choice for your system.

Reasons to choose PV Pro Caymax Panel and Caymax PV Kits:

G83 Inverter featuresHigh Module Efficiencies

Domestic roofs often have limited space for PV Panels. The higher each module’s efficiency, the better the efficiency of the entire system. Caymax solar modules offer module efficiencie of up to 15.8%.

Caymax panels are manufactured by one of the world’s leading cell manufacturers. When the cells are manufactured they are Graded A, B, C and D. The A Grade Cells are used uniquely in Caymax Panels. Most panel manufacturer have no ability to make cells and rely upon buying them in from the few cell manufacturers around the world. Therefore Caymax panels have purer cells, which is demonstrated by the higher output, and greater Module Efficiency than other panels on the market. VisitCaymax PV Module section to find out more.

G83 Inverter featuresEnhanced Low Light Performance for UK Weather Condition

Made of Caymax high efficiency Caymax PV cells*, Caymax PV modules can deliver you 10% higher efficiency**. Especially, you could benefit MORE from the excellent performance under the low light condition and low hot spot effect, and get LESS degradation under light exposure. Module output under laboratory conditions usually does not reflect actual output in real-world installations. In the U.K. where we do not have exceptional light all year round, performance under low light conditions such as UK has a strong impact on energy yield. Our cell design and improved solar glass ensure that Caymax modules perform well under real world, low light conditions. 2011 Caymax PV Module Brochure:  2011 Caymax PV Module Brochure G83 Inverter PDF donwload(Click to View)

G83 Inverter featuresIndustry Leading Product Warranty

All Caymax panels offer 5 years product warranty. 10 years at 90% of the minimal rated power output, 20 years 83% of the minimal rated power output and  25 years at 80% of the minimal rated power output.

G83 Inverter featuresResearch and Development
PV Pro and our manufacturer's world-class research team develop and commercializes the latest advancements in silicon-based solar technology. Our team of more than 300 PV experts improves solar efficiency and affordability with new cell technologies, solar module designs, and encapsulation methods. Our manufacturer keeps the world's higheset lab record of cilicon cell (mono) conversion efficiency (P-Cell) for 25 years. PV Pro development team make sure that our continually improved Caymax panel provide more to our customers.
Caymax PV panel research 

Due to the quality of the cells, Caymax panels are available with leading panel efficiency. A reflection of this is the ability to manufacture panels in UK market Caymax 200 72M, up to 305 watts in size with exceptional performance.

G83 Inverter featuresFull range of Photovoltaic panels

 PV Pro has a full range of Photovoltaic panels both Mono and Polycrystalline. All of our panel are fully accredited including:

PV accreditation

Caymax PV Panel Product line - A Grade Efficiency Control

All panels are well tested quality products and fully accredited, and are supported by full manufacturer guarantees.

PV panel manuafacturer

 G83 Inverter PDF donwloadMCS CAYMAX 2011 - New Range Mono DATA SHEET:

G83 Inverter PDF donwloadMCS CAYMAX 2011 - New Range Poly DATA SHEET:

 G83 Inverter PDF donwloadOTHER DOCUMENTATION:

For more information about our manufacturer and our PV panel warranty information, visit Caymax MCS PV Panel Introduction, Or Contact Us to speak to one of our PV experts.


We supply from complete solar systems to parts, accessories and installation we can bring this valuable and renewable energy source to you. To find out more product information, please visit following section:

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