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Solar Thermal Collector

Solar Thermal Collectors

STC Evacuated tube Collector Specification Sheet:

Evacuated Tube Heat Pipe Collectors
1800mm x 58mm Double Walled Evacuated Tubes

Pressured Solar Collector: (For solar water heater)


Sollar Collector General Specifications
Material Aluminium
Frame Material 1.5mm 301 stainless steel
Header pipe Material 99.93% pure copper & lead free 45% silver brazing
Insulation Compressed Rock Wool – K=0.044W/mk
Sealing Material EPDM
Optimal installation angle 20-70°Vertical, -5°to +5°Horizontal
Maximum Operating Pressure 8bar – 116psi
Flow range 132-264 l/h
Performance Data (SPF) Conversion Factor: η0=0.715
Loss Coefficients: a1=1.55, a2=0.0117








Other information:
1, All our products INCLUDE roof fitting, all essential parts including Inlet/OutletConectors, nuts and Bolts etc. 
2, Workstation and water tank are available on request
3, Full Packing list is available on requests

Solar Thermal Evacuated Tube Module
Slar Thermal Panel tube module - pipe imageSolar thermal panel tube module - bottom image

Warranty:  5 years 
Certificate: CCC, CE, ROHS, EN12975, Solar Keymark

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