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Eco Airpump Eco18 Air Source Heat Pump

The Eco 18 Air to Water Heat pump is a highly efficient unit capable of providing space heating requirements in the form of under floor heating or radiators to new build and retro fit properties, and can also generate domestic hot water. 

Build Quality Assurance

The Eco 18 is available in both stainless steel and powder coated chassis finishes, both of which are designed to withstand the U.K. climate. This unit is tested and built to the highest standards, and both factory and product has been fully accredited to EN14511 Standards, as well as continual internal audits to guarantee quality control such as ISO2009. The small amount of moving parts give this unit 15-20 year life expectancy.

Exceptional Performance

The Eco 5 is built and fully tested using the highest quality components, all of which are fully protected under manufacturer warranty. TWIN market leading COPELAND SCROLL COMPRESSOR along with the R417a refrigerant gas is much of the reason that this unit performs at exceptional levels from as low as -25℃, ensuring that even the coldest of temperatures in the U.K. are entirely comfortable for the Eco Airpump. Soft start and variable fan speeds ensure that incredible performance is never wasted.

Simple Installation

The Eco Airpump models benefit from the advanced controller which brings many advanced features to the unit such as Hot Water Preference functions, Weather Compensation, Anti Legionella controls, and many more advanced features which allow the unit to be installed to give exceptional all year round efficiency.  Simple to install, the Eco 18 can be easily installed in a range of new build and Retro fit scenarios to provide efficient space heating for radiators and under-floor heating or 60℃ hot water to satisfy domestic demands.

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