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Vented Cylinders

Vented Cylinders

Gledhill Sunspeed 2 Range

SunSpeed domestic hot water cylinders are designed for use with solar panels. The heat exchangers are purpose designed for this application because: -

(a), The primary flow temperature from this source will normally be significantly lower than from conventional heat sources such as gas boilers. Therefore heat exchangers with large surface areas will be necessary to transfer the heat at low temperature differences.

(b), A second heat exchanger for conventional heat sources like gas boilers will often be required. In this case the solar panel heat exchanger must be of a compact design and capable of being fitted very low down in the cylinder.

(c), It is important to match the chosen SunSpeed model (dedicated volume) with the property type to achieve compliance with building regulations.

  • Twin Coil Copper Cylinders
    114 - 318 Litres Capacity
  • High Efficiency Solar Coil
    Designed to operate at lower input temperatures
  • Built to Order
    Size and locations of tappings can be custom specified
  • High Performance Flexilag Insulation
    Minimise standing heat losses
  • Range of Diameters Available
    400mm / 450mm / 500mm
  • 22mm or 28mm Plain Copper Boiler Coil
    Complies with BS1566 and Part L Building Regulations
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